One of the bald eagles in it's hunting ground - it's nest is located on land owned by Wal-Mart that they want to build a supercenter.

As a Wal-Mart Stockholder I SAY No-Wal-Mart on Anclote River

Even though a nesting pair of American BALDEagles live on the landWal-Mart plots how to build yet another SuperCenter.

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Wal-Mart was a trending topic on Twitter. Why? well one of the reasons is "Wal-Mart Builds on a Native American Burial Ground….again" but another reason I like to think is DeadlyTraffic able to get a wider audience for angels to see :-) I am 2emc on Twitter (-:

August 4th 2009 Wal-Mart trended on Twitter - why? Wal-Mart is beta testing selling FAKE Girl Scouts of America cookies.

Dedicated to Wal-Mart and US Highway 19 or maybe just Wal-Mart in general or maybe just really stupid FREAKING idiots who cause DeadlyTraffic ... and that would be the machine that hypes the following frenzies:

None of the video's are available any longer - but since a picture tells so much - they'll stay for now :-)

 ... we are all one ... we all suffer ...

If you are in this video, If you are the recipient of one of these gifts, if you know any one involved, how do you feel?

I am disgusted ... come on people now ... smile on my brother, every one's got to love one another - right now, RIGHT NOW!!! Damn It

Wal-Mart plans to build a SUPERCENTER on the banks of the Anclote River in Beautiful and Historic Tarpon Springs.

The Anclote River is the life blood of this small town.

Anclote River

Tarpon Springs residents and Friends of the Anclote have kept Wal-Mart at bay SO FAR ~ BUT! ~ As long as Wal-Mart owns the land, the risk of a SuperCenter on the banks of the Anclote River remain. Wal-Mart continues to plot how to build where they are NOT wanted.

This domain (and website) is available for trade for the land in question, or that which will get me to the 74 acres on the banks of the Anclote River, currently owned by Wal-Mart ... hey, if a guy can get a house using one red paperclip - I can save our river and town with this awesome domain name :-) Thank you (-:

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 SuperHero Evie spent the night at our local hospital 10/20 - the doctor said no to that evenings meeting - City Commisssion. Will they say YES or NO to Wal-Mart?


I was working on this site to encourage Wal-Mart to DO THE RIGHT THING - and ended up in the emergency room with some massive chest pain. hmmmm ... deadly traffic ... the world is in perfect order and with that I give thanks and gratitude for all, to all :-)

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YNoQ ... probably because all the jobs are being sent "somewhere" else ... where is that? Not Detroit ... not in a LOT of places.

The Broommaker was first, but not many were broom makers ... they retrained and found new professions.

... and then they came for ... you ...


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